Monday, November 25, 2013


Rogue Finesse Clique, Inc. Presents: King James III- "Acapulco Gold." James is a native of White Plains, NY, where he has molded his craft into his own, new sound, with the intention of being an inspiration for many future generations. His passion does not end with just the music; he also mixed and executive-produced this project. He is a firm believer in being an artist to the max, by being as well-rounded an artist as possible. Enjoy this musical exhibit that King James III brings to you, and keep your eyes and ears open for much more to come from this revolutionizing artist.
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Back Again...

Hello Fellow Music Lovers, Apologies for the long leave of absence. Sometimes Life takes priority; but I am back again with new ideas, and of course more free music to share with all of you! This time, be prepared for more Universality; expect music, videos and news from all types of genres. Stay Tuned for regular updates (I promise I will be as consistent as possible!), and also stop by my personal Tumblr for some Soul-Feeding visuals... Peace! ~RosieK.